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MecaNet Keyboard is a practical tool that teaches you how to write correctly on your PC, so you can be faster, more agile, efficient, and professional. How? Simply by using short repetitive lessons that get you used to writing with the correct fingers for each key. The application has a small window with key combinations that you have to press without making a mistake.

This application consists of 17 lessons, that go from simple key combinations to writing whole texts with every key on the keyboard. Every time, MecaNet Keyboard tells you what posture is good for your hands, how keys are combined, and suggests recommendations so you can write faster without looking at the keyboard and worrying about the speed instead of worrying about making mistakes.

The program shows the number of errors you make, and the keys you get right too, as well as the time spent (that you can't pause), correct strikes per minute, and percentage of mistakes.

Repository: ppa:michael-astrapi/ppa
Architecture: i386

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